This Weeks Definition …. SEX


Sex – Yes Please! Obviously on the most basic and primal area of sex, humans use it for sexual reproduction to continue on the species.  However for our purposes here we look at sexual intercourse in more of a fun way for pleasure purposes.  The definition of sex which usually relates to the penetration of the vagina with a penis can actually be broaden simply with an act or activity and is not just limited to just men & women but instead is open to other genders and orientations.


Why should you take a sex class? #AdultSexEdMonth

Apologies for the delay with this, I had difficulties with loading it, but here it is ….. HURRAY! Better late than never.

So other than your basic Sex Ed 101 you learned in school, if you were lucky, we still need to keep learning about sex and this is why …

Why You Should Take A Sex Class #AdultSexEdMonth

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So why naked in bed?

Well to simply put, we as people are the most exposed when we are naked right? I want this blog to hold back nothing about myself and/or anything I write, so basically I expose myself literally, emotionally and figuratively and show the nakedness I call my life and the life around us. As always I am looking to explore and inform people about, Life’s Pleasures’. It is intended to be a blog that focuses on the pleasures of life. It may be romantically, socially, sexually, erotically, or whatever else I can find to be fun, sexy, helpful and/or informative. Stay tuned for more to come…